The Plane Facts

The Plane Facts highlights quotes from the Rift Development team and provides information tidbits about the game. These small bytes of information are transmitted throughout the day Live on our Rift Twitter Channel, but you can get a recap of the releases here on Facebook each day.

The Plane Facts


From Simon Ffinch: “I found myself getting chills as I entered the main building and those angelic voices started up.”

From Ellery, Sr. Designer: “In general, I freaking *love* how polished our game feels this far out from launch.”

From Andrew, Designer: “’Where there’s a wisp, theres a way’ – very cool spell ability, fun quest!!”

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IRC Friday #2

Hello fellow Rift fans,

I would like to thank every one who came out, expecally Abigale.

Ok guys the 1st IRC Friday was a success . Next week we will have the Lore team to chat with you. Nick & Morgan will be here to discuss Telaralore

So please think of Questions geared to lore!

Logs from IRC Friday #1
IRC Q&A 6/25

Friday 07/02/2010 at 11am Pacific 7pm GMT.

We had a total of 74 people in the chat today, we are looking to get more and more people in each week, so pleace stop by

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I look forward to seeing all of you in the IRC

IRC Fridays #1 Logs

<Abigale> So nice to see everyone today!
<Abigale> I probably won’t be able to answer a lot of game related questions… we are still hammering out plans for release of info. That’s a pretty big job!
 But I can let you know a little more about community plans
<Abigale> But I can let you know a little more about community plans
<Skythe> Hurray!
<Abigale> Yes, Skythe… we have lots more to reveal… just planning out the process

Q: <Skythe> What info are you planing on releasing to the comunity in the upcoming months?
A: <Abigale> Well, one thing I am working on is an Offical Fansite program….Once we have our official fansites in place, we’ll be releasing exclusives to them… like regular screenshots and dev interviews 

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