Rift Podcast #2

The Second Podcast is with Adam Gershowitz, a producer for the game. Thanks to Ari and Desi keep up to the good work ladys

The Podcast

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IRC Friday #2 logs

<%missdoomcookie> Okies, so, the first thing we are going to do today is talk a little more about the dragon cults.
<%missdoomcookie> Then we will take some questions.
<%captaincursor> First, since this has come up. House Aelfwar.
<%captaincursor> They are the cult of life.
<%captaincursor> They are a breakaway faction of the high elves
<%missdoomcookie> Apparently, this offends Paradosi.
<%captaincursor> Under one of the main characters in our game, Prince Hylas.
<%captaincursor> They seek to destroy civilization and remake the world as a primordial jungle.
<%captaincursor> The cult is full of elven tree huggers, the faerie court as well as big creatures.
<%captaincursor> Also treants.

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Abigale’s Lunch Interview with Ken Allen

On Friday, Ken Allen joined me for lunch. We went to a nice quiet little place called The Patio Café just a few blocks from here. I am learning about a lot of cool lunch spots!

I really enjoyed talking to Ken. He has a rich history in the gaming industry. I have enjoyed many of the games he has worked on all the way back to the King’s Quest series.

I started our conversation as I usually do. I asked Ken how he got his start in the game industry.

Ken: Before I was in the industry, writing games was a hobby for me. Back in the 80’s, I had the Atari and Texas Instruments home computers. I taught myself to program games by typing in the code listings from magazines like Compute! and Antic. I learned by example how games were made and the process for how to build them, too. One of the games I made was called Olympian, which was a collection of Olympic field sports. I could only squeeze four games into memory before the next set could be loaded from cassette. It was nightmare for the end user, but a valuable lesson in game architecture for me.

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The Tanooki – E3 2010 First Impressions Rift Planes of Telara

Time for the second half of my recent Trion Worlds booth tour with news editor Jason Leavey at E3 2010!  A subscription-based MMO, Rift: Planes of Telara had one of the most vivid and colorful displays at E3 2010, a theme that continues inside.

The game takes place in the titular Telara, a world thrown into chaos. Intersecting planes threaten to tear the land apart as invading forces make use of the resulting portals to wreak havoc. These rifts are the focus of your adventure, as you defend your home from the evil that pours from the gaps between planar dimensions. Choose between two factions: the Guardians, the oath bound traditionalists, and the Defiant, who seek to usher in a new age through the revival of long dead technologies.

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