Podcast ep. 4 – Larry Boles

This last week has seen a nice amount of information. Just a bit to sooth our thirst for knowledge about the game.

Our interview today is with Larry Boles, a content designer who works on the rift systems themselves.

He talks to us about his experience in content design to what aspects of the game he likes the most as well as which one of the rifts he favours over others.

listen to the podcast at. https://www.riftpodcast.com/

Game Radar: Rift – an MMO where graphics impact the gameplay

Very few companies seem to be trying to drastically reinvent the MMO genre in any way. This is mostly because World of Warcraft seems to have damn near perfected it, collecting so many devotees along the way that now you can’t deviate too far from its template for fear of turning people off. It’s like writing a post-Green Day pop-punk song with a chorus that just isn’t catchy. Why bother?

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Ten Ton Hammer- Class and Callings Q&A with Scott Hartsman

TTH sits down with Scott Hartsman to delve more deeply into class choices in Rift

Every time Ten Ton Hammer had a chance to see Rift: Planes of Telera, the more excited we became. After getting our grubby mitts on the game at E3 2010, we tracked down Scott Hartsman, Chief Creative Officer and General Manager of Trion Redwood Shores Studio, in order to have him more fully explain classes and characters having multiple souls in the game. After some “persuasion,” he agreed to talk.

Ten Ton Hammer: The response to the E3 2010 class system seems split between those that think that Rift is simply co-opting talent trees with the soul tree system, and those that are a little overwhelmed with the possibilities. What would you say to the former crowd? Would you say it’s your own take on talent trees?

Scott Hartsman: I actually kind of wouldn’t. For those that say that it’s just talent trees, the only thing I have to say is that once you play it, you will totally understand.  Just to give you an example from the character I most recently rolled, I chose a warrior. I still had choices with just the one soul up through the first fifteen levels, and it’s cool and it’s fun. It gets drastically different is when you’re faced with the choice of what’s your second soul going to be – it’s reinforced through the fiction and you’re this awesome ascended being, therefore you have the ability to control multiple souls. You’re making an active choice as to what the next path is that you’re going to choose.

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MMORPG.com: Asha Catari – The Rift Walker

Artifacts exist of a flourishing city-state known as Catari, dating back to the Eth Empire. Though the empire fell, the family line of the state’s sorcerer lords endured, continuing to produce some of the finest mages of Telara. The sisters Aurum and Asha Catari proved no exception to this tradition. The pair distinguished themselves among the pupils of Quicksilver College, though in very different ways. Aurum was the shining star of the academy, always performing to task and beyond standards of excellence. Asha, the younger sister, was just as gifted, but chafed under stringent curriculum of the college, questioning the effectiveness of century old methodologies. She was expelled in her third year for pursuing the arts of the warlock, a subject forbidden at the school. The scandal caused her father, Theo Catari, the representative of the southern races and High Mage in the court of Mathos, to disown her.

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Pc advisor – First look at Rift: Planes of Telara

We took a first look at developer Trion Worlds’ gorgeous, ambitious and fantastical new massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Rift: Planes of Telara, experiencing its exciting dynamic content features in action.

Following a devastating calamity, Telara has been split into two opposing factions. On one side stand the Guardians, revived by the gods and tasked with redeeming the world and returning things to the way they were. On the other side are the Defiants, who’ve resurrected their people with forbidden technology, and strive to remake the world anew. There are three selectable races in either faction, with Rift: Planes of Telara offering male and female options for each.

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