Hey guys, its Oabe, and if you have not heard, I now run Telara Central. Suthian has agreed to let me own/run TC since he has RL issues.

Now if your in the IRC by now you have noticed I haven’t been around to much like I usually am. I have been really busy with getting back into school and doing work on the new house, now that being said after Aug. 9th I will return to how i was and be on almost 24/7 (yea im a loser) Starting July 25 I will be on vacation till Aug 7th, I will have a laptop and such to bring and talk to guys on the IRC and hopefully make it to those 2 IRC Fridays.

Once I get back from vacation I’m looking to restart Guild Spotlight of the week, and other things to get Rift more hyped and hopefully bring new people into out nice little community

I look forward to getting to know all of you alot better, and please come say hey in the IRC its up and running 24/7