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GamesCom 2010 Trailer

Sentinel Soul Announced

Sentinel“It is easy to have faith in one god. I have seen the truth of the universe, devoted myself to the Vigil as a whole. I bring succor to the one and the whole alike.”


The Sentinel brings the blessings of light to all who do the will of the gods. Capable of healing many wounded at one time, Sentinels bolster their allies and protect themselves with divine wrath.


Sentinels are defensive clerics who excel at group support. Their divine powers aid the weak and ensure that everyone in their group lives through the fray.


Sentinels sacrifice offense for a strong defense, and thus struggle to deal massive damage to their opponents.


Unable to reconcile the contradictions between the gods, the Elf initiate Niyol Cliffswind made a pilgrimage to Hammerknell. In the capitol of the Elves’ ancient enemies, the Dwarves, he tried to learn how Bahralt’s bustling cities could coexist with Tavril’s pristine wilderness.

His days there were a misery: jostled and berated, unable to gain audience with a priest of Bahralt. Then one night, a lynch mob pulled Niyol from his bed. “Filthy spy!“ they cried, for an Elvish surprise attack had breached the city walls. Dragged toward the gibbet, Niyol heard the clamor as fighting raged through Hammerknell.

The Elf vanguard burst into the grand hall just as the hangman fitted a noose to Niyol’s neck. A moment later, the dwarf fell with an arrow in his throat, knocking Niyol off his bench. The rope drew tight.

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Rift: Planes of Telara First Hands On Preview – Ten Ton Hammer

Silverwood and Free Marches:
Following a harrowing multi-stage boss encounter at level 5ish, your character will be transported to Telara. For Guardians, this means the lush sylvan dreamscape of Silverwood in the north, for Defiants it means the slightly more foreboding Freemarch area in the south. Advance parties of extra-planar minions stalk both areas, warping and empowering the local flora and fauna to the whims of their masters. Tears and Rifts break out in greater frequency here, and quests begin to revolve around putting an end to the growing distubances.

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A TC update

Hey guys, its Oabe, and if you have not heard, I now run Telara Central. Suthian has agreed to let me own/run TC since he has RL issues.

Now if your in the IRC by now you have noticed I haven’t been around to much like I usually am. I have been really busy with getting back into school and doing work on the new house, now that being said after Aug. 9th I will return to how i was and be on almost 24/7 (yea im a loser) Starting July 25 I will be on vacation till Aug 7th, I will have a laptop and such to bring and talk to guys on the IRC and hopefully make it to those 2 IRC Fridays.

Once I get back from vacation I’m looking to restart Guild Spotlight of the week, and other things to get Rift more hyped and hopefully bring new people into out nice little community

I look forward to getting to know all of you alot better, and please come say hey in the IRC its up and running 24/7


Exclusive video diary of the souls of Rift: Planes of Telara massively.com

Vid doc